Congratulations to Our Newly Elected Officers!
By Ex-Chief Patrick Cantwell
April 13, 2018

Chief William Beckert, 1st Assistant Chief Tedd Page, 2nd Assistant Chief Chris Beckert.
Department Treasurer John Courtney, Corresponding Secretary Suzanne Bennett, Recording Secretary PJ Cantwell.
Department Safety Officers Ken Hallock, Mike Cinque and Jack Emptage.
Com[any 1 Captain John Emptage Jr, Assistant Captain Chris Hamilton.
Company 2 Captain Matt Feyh, Assistant Captain Scott Rodriguez, Secretary/Treasurer Britton Bistrian.
Company 3 Captain Mike Steele, Assistant Captain Bruce Stonemetz, Secretary/Treasurer Kathleen Bennett.
Company 4 Captain Suzanne Bennett, Assistant Captain Keith McMahon, Secretary/Treasurer Suzanne Bennett.
Ambulance Captain TBD, Assistant Captain TBD, Secretary TBD, Treasurer TBD.

Chief William Beckert
Chief William Beckert